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connected houseWi-Fi and the Smart Home

The term “Smart Home” usually refers to a modern home with appliances and other electronic devices that are controlled remotely. With today’s technology, all the appliances in a home are technically able to be connected to the internet. The home owner can also control these appliances via mobile apps, as a smart home has all the advanced automation systems installed in them. This system provides the owner with sophisticated monitoring and control over the home environment. Technologies are applied in the whole home but it mainly focuses on the kitchen and living room. Researchers say that soon bathroom products will also use automation technologies.  Toilets or shower heads will have automaton systems in them.  Technology development is still in its initial stages, but we’re already seeing these home automation technologies making significant changes in our lives.

Current State

Smart home appliances include several devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, toasters, ovens and all the other electronic devices. Some additional examples are audio and video entertainment systems, computers, laptops, and mobile devices. The owner can also configure time schedules for smart home enabled devices. These devices not only add convenience but can also potentially help with time saving. And they provide the home owner with intelligent feedback of the status of their home. Climate control, LED lights, smart locks and different types of cameras can all be added in your smart home. They will help you to have control of your home even if you are far away.

Let’s take an example of a refrigerator, it is able to catalogue its content, suggest a variety of menus and also recommend healthy food for the owner.  Sometimes it happens that you want to have a snack but you are too lazy to get one for yourself. In this case, you can ask the refrigerator to suggest and prepare a menu. Not only will it do this, but the refrigerator also asks the oven to prepare the selected dish for you.  We will also see advanced microwaves in future. They will be able to communicate with the refrigerator for cooking and deciding on your menu.

Now we can see many new homes have built in wiring features. These wirings are used to control and run the advanced home automation systems. Smart home appliances have changed the way of our living. It has provided us with exciting opportunities to live and work. Such connected appliances have reduced the cost and consumption of energy.  In the future, almost all appliances will be smart –  as an example LG is adding connectivity to all new devices from 2017.

Major market players

There are number of connected appliances in the market. Are you ready to make your home a smart one? The easiest way to make your home a smart home is by adding smart appliances. Let’s take a review to some home automation devices.  One of the major smart home devices is the smart lock. It helps the owner to unlock your home door from your phone. It also gives temporary passes to other. All these appliances together will give you full control on your home remotely. It helps you to run your home in an efficient manner. Another exciting application is the Nest thermostat. It learns how you to keep the temperature of your home. When you leave, the home is going into away mode. It has proved very useful in reducing the electricity bills. And it uses a motion sensor to adjust the temperature of the home automatically.

Goji is another advanced device. Its work on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. This device is used to send the pictures of the visitors at your door. It records all the activities that have taken place when you are not around. It also gives visitors temporary access to the home based on your settings in the smart phone app.

New entrants

Samsung’s Smart Things is another group of smart home products. If you have many home appliances you will definitely need a central system to control and integrate them. Smart Thing is used to handle many functions of your home remotely. It can turn the lights on and off. It can automatically adjust the temperature according to the climate. And the best thing about Smart Things is that with a single push it can update settings and make changes to the home environment.

Have you ever thought about a device that can alert you about the condition of your home in your absence? Ninja Sphere reports back to you every detail through your smart phone and television. If you are missing any activity it will make sure to inform you immediately.

In the near future for smart products we expect to see toilets, showers and kitchen appliances coming online. It is expected that showers will have some built in function in them.  They will store the profile of all individuals and adjust the temperature accordingly. People will no longer have to fidget with the temperature settings.  With a smart home the lives of people will not only become more efficient but their household tasks will become automated. They will no longer have to get groceries home. The food will be ready before they even reach home! 

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