Smart Lock Review

A smart lock is an automated home appliance for smart homes. They are placed in the front door, and used to lock and unlock your door without keys. Many smart locks give you alerts or message that someone is entering your home. It sometimes gives temporary access to visitors, and lets your trusted service workers, friends or relatives enter your house in your absence. Many can also lock and unlock your door remotely.

These wi-fi connected smart locks can also be integrated with your smart home hub. Smart hubs include Vera, Fibaro, Apple Home kit and Wink. Combined with these hubs, a smart lock brings you the level of reliability and flexibility to handle real life scenarios.

Smart locks typically run on batteries. These batteries last for six month and sometimes more than a year. It is not necessary that all the smart Locks will lock and unlock in the same pattern. Even if you are not available ,you can assign digital keys to the guest from anywhere. Some may require physical touch to unlock. Others will get unlocked when you tap a button on your mobile app. Some smart locks are designed in such a way that they automatically unlock the door for you when you enter in the defined or specific zone. There are also some smart locks that can automatically lock the door once you leave the building. Following are some Smart Lock available with best features and models highlighted.

Kwikset Kevo

Kwitset Kevo was the first smart lock in the market. It’s many people’s favorite even today. It is one of the easiest smart locks to use. You only need to do a single tap to unlock the door. This lock usually verifies the authentication of a person via Bluetooth. It is either connected to your phone or key fob. The door can also be unlocked by using a Kevo app or a standard key. It is easy in a sense that only unlocking is required to unlock the door. It is also eliminating any kind of fumble for your phone.

This way to entering a house is very ideal for family members. A Kevo plus product is also available that will connect your Kevo to the internet. This will give you online access to all its features. If you go for the first generation Kevo it is available for significantly less money than the new model. But if you go for the second generation Kevo it is worth investing. The second generation of Kevo has an upgraded and improved layer of security. The new model has unique features and it resists the attacks of lock bumping. Installation is also quite easy.

Schlage Sense

When we talk about smart locks Schlage is a great option. There’s only one company that is highly rated on Amazon for smart locks. Schlage Sense Smart Lock is the latest model that comes in two trims; i.e. Camelot and Century. It is one of the most advanced locks yet. This technology surely knows the difference between you and another person. So, they only allow authorized persons to enter the building. It meets all the standards of a smart house. If someone is trying to tamper with the lock, it will send you alerts through the app or via sms.  Its physical design is also cooler than many other smart locks.

Security: If you want the best and advanced security for your house you should go for Schlage Smart lock. It is perfect both mechanically and digitally.

Tech Features: If you are looking for the best and most reliable software app then the Schlage smart lock is hard to beat.

Crowd Pleaser: Schlage is a lock that is everyone’s favorite. It looks like nothing can go wrong if you use a Schlage smart lock for your house. Go for it!

August Smart Lock

August smart lock is possibly the most advanced smart lock available in the market. The installation of this lock is very simple and easy. This lock is installed inside the door. The best thing about this lock is that nobody can ever know whether you have a smart lock installed or not. It automatically unlocks the door by sensing. In the same way, it will automatically lock the door when you leave the house. You don’t need to worry whether you have locked the door or not. Like any other reliable smart lock, it lets you create a number of digital lock keys that you can share with your trusted members. It also has a log feature that lets you know who has come and gone. The best thing about this company is that it has developed the whole system instead of creating small locks. It also has a camera attached to it, and has a very attractive and friendly interface.

Lockwood Wireless Digital Deadbolt

Lockwood’s smart lock is a very versatile and stylish option developed specifically for the Australian market. It comes with a choice of either Z-wave or ZigBee radio technology to integrate with the rest of your smart home. In this way, it is easy to set up automations and connect it to your other devices, allowing lights to turn on or off automatically based on the status of the lock. It will also easily replace the very common Lockwood 001 lock so installation is a breeze.