Solar Monitoring with Wi-Fi

solar with wi-fiIf you have a solar PV system installed at your home, you must have wondered how much energy it generates and at what time? Fortunately, there are now several products available in the market which can wirelessly connect your solar system to the Internet. They even integrate with your smart home hub, and many systems also come with a free display. The best monitoring system will tell you the exact amount of energy being generated, and whether you are consuming it or exporting to the grid. You will also learn how much money the system is saving. Furthermore, they will show how much money you have made from exporting energy to the grid.


Solar monitoring makes sure that our solar panels are engaged properly, by finding the energy of our system. It also enables us to know that our solar panels are running as expected. Controlling solar panel output is an amazing tool to constantly detect how well our solar power system is running. It’s a very simple way to understand the extent of energy we’ve originated and chase the appropriate power output of our solar panel system. The associated monitoring software enables us to smoothly detect the amount of electricity. Measured in kilowatt hours, this shows the amount our solar panels are generating at any given moment.

It happens occasionally to these systems that wiring or panels are damaged, for instance by animals or weather conditions. A solar monitoring system will diagnose the main problem, so we can sort out the complication quickly and accurately. Solar monitoring also gives you simple ways to detect the amount of cash our PV system is preserving in terms of energy cost.

Ongoing development

Monitoring devices have become much more advance than even just a few years ago. The days are long gone when monitoring systems just contained a simple graph indicating the amount of power our solar system is generating. You used to spend hours understanding what the data actually meant. With the growth of advanced equipment of solar system over the last few years, there is an increased significance in achievements of the system. As a result, new monitoring systems are making way to the markets. But as the nature of solar panels vary from one system to the other, the cost does too. Energy monitoring systems come in a full range from cheap instruments to very advanced gadgets. Selecting advanced monitoring systems will give you peace of mind, and it will also enable you to save money on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

How Solar monitoring actually works

Solar Monitoring devices enable us to view the amount of power our system is generating in a rapid manner with software equipped within our solar monitor. With the help of solar monitoring, we can detect not only our regular power generation, but we can also detect its life span generation of energy. We can also reach the precise data regarding our solar energy formation at any moment online, or with the help of application on your smart phone. Our smart phone will show us the amount of energy being consumed in a particular time. It will also show us the timing of energy used.

You can get daily, weekly, and monthly reports of energy consumption on your mobile phone.  You will be able to control the record about the working of our system. By fitting a solar monitoring system, you’ll be able to control an eye out from our side. It ensures that your solar system is working regularly and smoothly. If it is not working, the monitoring enables us to act fast to make things working properly again. This device is worth investing in – particularly if you own a smart home.

Recent monitoring products

The Wattson meter connects through Wi-Fi, and the included software runs on a PC or Mac and can manipulate the data on your display very efficiently.  It is a very simple and beautiful product which has a very friendly interface. It comes in variety of colours, so the owner can easily understand it’s data display. Its LEDs gives a nice colourful glow.

Another popular product that was recently launched on the market is the Smappee Energy Monitor. It has the added advantage of disaggregating your energy consumption. Smappee also monitors the energy consumption down to the device level. It can detect how much power your fridge or washing machine is consuming, and you can set up alerts or triggers to take action when consumption is running wild. It also integrates with Smart Home products through the IFTTT protocol. The Smappee also connects through WiFi.


Key features to consider when choosing a monitoring device:

  • By monitoring PV production you can save energy while doing your bit for the environment
  • Energy monitoring systems will help the owners optimize the amount of energy consumed in their smart home
  • It will display real time information by alert messages and notifications. This information can be useful in deciding action towards energy consumption.
  • When you see live information on your panel, you will be sure that you have invested in the right product for your smart house.
  • It will also help you to store extra energy that has being generated. When you use the majority of power you have generated, you will maximize your return on investment.

Solar panels often have a warranty of 30 years, and the solar inverter has a warranty of about 6 -12 years. Active monitoring also informs us quickly regarding any abnormalities. This allows the owner to take care of damage and repair it quickly when products are still under warranty.