Voice Control

With the advancement of technology, our lives have gotten considerably easier. As a result, everything from our offices to our homes has become automated in the process. One of the major trends going around now is the use of voice control technology over wireless connections in connected homes.

Now, you might be asking yourself what a connected home is. A smart home is basically one that is equipped with electronic devices that are either controlled via a remote or a computer. In addition, some of these gadgets may also be voice controlled; over the past decade or so technology that works on the basis of voice recognition has become rampant. Therefore, today’s post will focus on the different voice control devices present in smart homes. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to read all about these.

Google HomeGoogle Home

Google has pioneered many of the devices used in home automation today. One of these devices is the Google Home, which is a voice activated speaker. It is mainly powered by Google Assistant.

The Google Home is fairly easy to use; much like the Google Assistant on our android phones, all it requires is a simple “OK, Google” to start functioning. The reason for Google Home’s popularity can be contributed to the numerous features it has. These features can be categorized according to the following characteristics:


The Google Home ensures that your entertainment is not compromised in any part of your home. Hence, it can start playing music at just a simple command from online services like Spotify. Apart from this, users can also control their televisions and radio channels or podcasts just by uttering a few words. This eliminates the need to even get up from your bed or chair to stream audio that you want to hear.

Voice control can help you find answers

Google Home was not only built for entertainment purposes; it also aids you in assignments, research work, or finding answers to simple questions. All you have to do is ask the speaker questions, and it will provide you with the relevant answers in a fraction of a second.

Home Automation

But the most important feature of Google Home is its ability to control the features of your smart home. The speaker lets you restrict the number of lights switched on or off, the temperature inside, and the switches and plugs installed. This means that all you have to do is give a voice command, and everything will be done for you by Google Home.

However, Google Home is not the only home automation device available in the market. One other contraption that has made a name for itself is the Amazon Echo. Let us consider some salient features of the Amazon Echo in a bit more detail.

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo

The Echo is yet another voice activated wireless speaker. Unlike the Google Home, the Echo uses the Alexa Voice Service to perform many of its functions. All users have to do in order to make the speaker do something is say Alexa and then continue talking about their tasks. The Echo is also comes packed with a myriad of features that have resulted in it taking the market by storm. The features are as follows:

Play Music

The Echo can play your music at just a single voice command. The speaker will connect to online music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify to play music according to your preferences.


The Echo has 7 beams, which project all across the room. This ensures that the voice is heard equally all over the room. This feature also guarantees that the Echo will hear and respond to your voice, even if music is being played on it.

Get all the answers

Much like the Google Home, the Amazon Echo is also capable of providing solutions to your problems. This means that you can use it to make financial calculations, get sports results, or simple get answers to any of your questions.

Read audiobooks

The Echo can also be used to read aloud your favourite audiobooks, magazines, or newspapers while you lounge on the bed or sofa.

Home automation

This is perhaps the most important function of this device. Via the home automation option, you can control the different parts of your house using your voice. This includes switches and plugs, the lights, fans, and other electronic appliances installed in the house.

Apple TVApple Homekit

No review of voice activated smart home technology would be complete without including Apple’s Homekit solution. It is operated through your Apple TV and you only have to say “Hey Siri” to activate it and give a voice command. Due to Apple’s tight controls on developers there are relatively fewer smart home products on the market that works with it. But those products that are approved by Apple integrate seamlessly.

Apple Music

Homekit integrates seamlessly with Apple Music so you can stream your favourite music or explore new music from anywhere in the home.

Smart Locks

Control smart locks such as the Schlage Sense using only your voice.

With this we end our post on voice control devices in smart homes. We hope that it was adding to your knowledge regarding the advancements in technology. Each of the aforementioned devices come highly recommended, but we advise you to install whichever of them matches your needs and wants the most. Lastly, remember to invest in something that pays off in the long run.